Thursday, November 23, 2006

Color Coding the Blogosphere

Some bloggers are happy to be pitched, some are intrigued, and some are just plain annoyed. By any means, blogging is not a full-time job like reporting or journalism. Thus, to save those bloggers who would rather not spend their time wading through inboxes of press releases and PR pitches, PR solutions is creating color coded logos (red, yellow, green) that can be displayed on their blogsite to clue PR pros in to the blogger's preferences (not interested, marginally interested with some limitations, very interested, respectively).

Avoid the Intimacy Trap

After countless hours of reading and researching a blogger's published history, a PR pro may come to feel like they know the blogger. It's best to keep in mind though, that while you know all about them, the feeling is not reciprocal. It is important to avoid colloquialism and slang in the first pitch/contact in order to establish credibility.

"Push & Pull" PR

"Push" PR tactics (chasing reporters with press releases and product leads) is giving way to "Pull" tactics. Blog pitching is one such tactic. By getting your product online, visibility you make the information accessible and available to journalists who are now more than ever turning to the internet for their leads.

Taking the PR World by Storm

In the not so distant past, PR pros were running around trying to make as many press contacts as possible because coverage created buzz. But with the rising blogosphere, pros are working to establish blogger contacts because blog coverage creates buzz, which creates press coverage.

Feedback is Feedback

Feedback whether positive or negative, boosts a company's onlinge presence. It can engage bloggers in debate and discussion, raising product awareness often in a niche market that otherwise might have gone untouched.

Great Expectations?

When PR blog pitchers are seeking online visibility in the blogosphere, they need to know what their clients' expectations are. Do they require positive reviews, or are they confident enough in their service that they are willing to take the chance if favorable feedback is not guaranteed.

Blogger Search Engines

For the do-it-yourself PR pro, thousands of search engines exist for identifying and compiling target blogger lists; Technorati, Google, and Sphere to name a few. They can also check the ranking of the blog sites on their list at Alexa's traffic rankings services.